1. 👑🐝
  2. Bad 🐝 D-Townnn
  3. Magical Spanish speaking unicorn believes in me and my plans for grad school lol ☺️ #happysaturday
  4. Happy Independence Day! #independentbitches #dontneednobody
  5. You can keep the bars, parties, and alcohol I wouldn’t want to spend my 21st any other way❤ #HisFirstEaster #MyTwentyFirstBday #FirstBdayAsAnAuntie 🎂
  6. Happy Founders Day to an org that has given so much to me as well as revealing to me what I have to offer. Thank you SLG for providing me with a lifetimes worth of support & thousands of inspirational women I can call sisters #SLGTurns24 #WCW to every gamma from east to west.
  7. Well that’s different.
  8. This explains so much.
  9. 8 MONTHS😃
  10. Bye TEXAS✌ off to FLORIDA✈ (at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH))
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